Pavement signs are a longstanding and proven way of advertising your business and when used correctly, can significantly enhance your business visibility. Known for being significantly more cost-effective than buying advertising space, running online promotions, social media marketing or paid online advertising. They can be purchased and installed with even the smallest of budgets, yet still have a huge impact. Yes, online advertising has a wider reach, but in-store or front-of-store promotions can target customers who are on their buying journey there and then. POS shop signs can help dramatically increase your sales. 

1. Attract New Customers

Pavement signs are designed to catch the eye of pedestrians and even drivers in areas with slow-moving traffic. By displaying an advertising board outside your premises, you signal your presence and readiness for business. This is especially effective for businesses with concealed or unassuming storefronts.

2. Directional Signage

Pavement signs can serve as effective guides to lead customers to your business, especially if your establishment isn't situated on a high-traffic street. Clear directional signage can increase foot traffic and revenue. It is important to display signs that people can connect with by listing relevant information with recognisable branding.

3. Highlight Special Offers

Promotions and special offers are essential tools for business growth. Make your offers stand out by using pavement signs with printed posters, allowing easy, cost-effective switching of promotional content. 

4. Cost-Effective Advertising

Keeping your expenses low while boosting revenue is key to business success. Advertising with pavement signs, especially chalkboard panel signs, provides excellent value. After the initial investment in the sign and liquid chalk pens, you can update your messages as often as needed without additional costs. Pavement signs with printed posters are also a great way of staying relevant and keeping your branding fresh. Being able to change your messages with changing trends or seasonal offer is essential. 

5. Year Round Campaigns

Most pavement signs are built to withstand varying weather conditions throughout the year. This means you can display them outside your business regardless of rain or shine. Some signs, like the ZONDA® PRO Pavement Sign Board, can withstand strong winds and are incredibly heavy-duty. 

6. Double-Sided Signage

Pavement signs are double-sided, offering twice the marketing space. Use both sides for the same message or create distinct designs to attract customers from multiple directions. The possibilities are limitless, making pavement signs an excellent tool for showcasing your brand personality. Ideal for high-traffic areas so you can capture the attention of people traveling in every direction. 

WINDSTORM® PRO Pavement Sign Advertising Board

WINDSTORM® PRO Pavement Sign Advertising Board

SUREFLEX® Pavement Sign Board

SUREFLEX® Pavement Sign Board

Now that you understand the reason why your business should invest in a Pavement Sign, you now need to decide which one suits your needs. The type of advertising board you choose should provide effective promotional space for your specific business and location. Here are some popular options:

Sandwich Boards - These traditional signs are easy to set up and use. You can opt for pre-printed vinyl graphics or poster pockets for easy message changes. A-boards, which require no assembly, are particularly popular and ready for immediate use.

Water Base Signs - Known for their sturdiness and durability, these signs can support large advertising panels, such as A1 and A0, due to their hollow bases filled with water or sand. Many come with wheels for convenient relocation or storage.

Swing Signs - These signs offer a sleek and modern appearance. They are among the most durable and weather-resistant outdoor advertising displays. You can order them with pre-installed vinyl graphic panels or poster pockets, with bases made from solid rubber or water-fillable materials for stability.

Chalk Board Signs - Perfect for a more traditional look, these are favored by hospitality venues like bars, restaurants, cafes, and pubs. They can be easily wiped clean and updated regularly with daily specials or promotional offers using liquid chalk pens, available in various styles, including real wood or wood effect.

If you need some help choosing the right pavement sign you can take a look at our handy buyers guide. Alternatively, you can Contact Us or call us on 01733 797898.