Pavement Sign Sizes

Pavement signs are a fantastic way to attract attention to your business or event. They come in various sizes to suit different needs. Understanding the available sizes and their technical specifications can help you decide what advertising sign is right for you. Below, we explore the different sizes of pavement signs and how they relate to standard A paper sizes.


A2 Pavement Signs (Small)

Dimensions: 420mm x 594mm

Small pavement signs are perfect for limited space or areas with high foot traffic. They provide enough space to display essential information or graphics without overwhelming passersby.

BOOSTER 2 Magnetic Pavement Sign Poster A-Board
A Frame Boards
A-Master Pavement Sign A-Frame
Booster A Frame Pavement Sign

A1 Pavement Signs (Medium)

Dimensions: 594mm x 841mm

Medium-sized pavement signs offer a balance between visibility and portability. They are suitable for moderate foot traffic areas and can accommodate more substantial graphics or text.

WINDSTORM<sup>®</sup> PRO Pavement Sign Advertising Board
FLEXMASTER<sup>®</sup> Pavement Sign Poster Display Board
SIGNAL Double Sided Folding A Board Street Sign
SIDEWALKER<sup>®</sup> Outside Shop Swing Sign Board

A0 Pavement Signs (Large)

Dimensions: 841mm x 1189mm

Large pavement signs are ideal for areas where you need to make a significant impact. They offer ample space for detailed information or eye-catching visuals and are suitable for busy streets or events.

ZONDA<sup>®</sup> PRO Pavement Sign Board
SIDEWALKER<sup>®</sup> Rolling Pavement Outdoor Signage Board
Black WINDSTORM<sup>®</sup> PRO Outdoor Pavement Sign Board
TYPHOON<sup>®</sup> Forecourt Water Based Sign

40" x 60" Pavement Signs (Extra Large)

Dimensions: 1016mm x 1524mm

Extra large pavement signs do not go unnoticed. Ideal for high traffic areas where you need to reach a large audience. The imposing size of a 40 x 60 pavement sign stands tall and provides a large advertising space.

MEGA-SIGN Large Water Base Pavement Sign
ZONDA<sup>®</sup> Water Base Pavement Sign
SENTRY Forecourt Signs
TITAN MAX Freestanding Advertising Signage

Technical Sizes of A Paper

Understanding the technical specifications of A paper sizes can help you choose the right pavement sign size for your needs. The A series of paper sizes is based on the international standard ISO 216.

A0 Poster

Dimensions: 841mm x 1189mm

A0 is the largest size in the A series, commonly used for posters, presentations, and outdoor shop signage.

A1 Poster

Dimensions: 594mm x 841mm

A1 is half the size of A0 and is often used for larger posters, diagrams, and pavement signage. This is known as the industry favourite poster sizes for pavement signs.

A2 Poster

Dimensions: 420mm x 594mm

A2 is half the size of A1 and is commonly used for smaller posters, notices, and A-Board signage.

40" x 60" Poster

Dimensions: 1016mm x 1524mm

40 x 60 is not an A-paper size and does not fit within the aspect ratio compared to standard A paper sizes. However, it is a popular large pavement sign size.

Size Height x Width (inches) Height x Width (millimetres)
A0 46.8 x 33.1 1189 x 841
A1 33.1 x 23.4 841 x 594
A2 23.4 x 16.5 594 x 420
20 x 30 20 x 30 762 x 508
40 x 30 40 x 30 1016 x 762
40 x 60 40 x 60 1016 x 1524
20 x 60 20 x 60 559 x 1524

Pavement Sign Poster Media

Our pavement sign posters are digitally printed on to 505-micron grey-back stop-light polyester media that is fully recyclable. We laminate each poster panel to further protect them from the elements when used outdoors for advertising. Traditional ‘paper based’ posters are prone to getting damp and disintegrating when used outside for extended periods of time. Our laminated posters are more durable and longer lasting.

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